Navigating the Election Part 2: Janette Maxey _ Art New England

Hartford, CT-based painter Janette Maxey approaches her subjects, whether people, places or things, with empathy and an inquiring mind. Maxey’s experience living and working in Singapore taught her to use art as a way to connect to a new culture through the careful study of its common objects and sights. Back in the United States, she continues to study what makes cultures unique or approachable, with upcoming shows in Assisi, Italy (following a residency at Arte Studio Ginestrelle), and Concord Arts (February 7–March 5). Art New England spoke with Maxey in the weeks following the 2016 presidential election for the second installment of a series on New England artists, activists, and the election.

Art New England Interview with Janette Maxey

by Olivia J. Kiers